On-demand content, especially video, has become a favorite lately. According to a Wall Street Journal report, quoted from Fortune, there was a 10-fold increase in viewers in the 2012-2017 period. Not surprisingly, given one of the characteristics that can be watched to adjust our time, not vice versa like television. Can you feel it for those who are already working?

The increasing number of viewers makes creator content grow rapidly. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, the trending video is not far away as mentioned before, talk shows, video clips, and prank. Even though some of us, including me, want a fictional series.

Now don’t need to worry, especially those who can’t subscribe to Netflix for any reason, I chose six fictional channels/shows, some of which can make you nostalgic, so as long as at home you don’t go crazy.

1. GI Joe

It’s soo American (in the ’80s). For those of you who like military/science fiction films made in the United States in the decade of the 80s. GI Joe series certainly can’t be missed. Present at the Hasbro canal, the actions of Gung-Ho, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, and other Joe gangs against the Cobra terrorist forces can be enjoyed both through Livestream and separate episodes.

I personally do not really have a memory of this series. Maybe it’s just GI Joe Extreme that I didn’t pay much attention to when I was a kid, or two GI Joe films (which were increasingly obscure in the sequel). But maybe I will try watching, considering that in the comics there is a crossover event with other Hasbro heroes, such as Transformers, M.A.S.K, and Action Man.

2. Cyberverse Transformers

Still related to Hasbro, this time we try the lyrics of Transformers Cyberverse, a series with a duration of 10 minutes per episode that seems more suitable for children or nieces.

Even if you like the G1, there is no harm in watching with them, because the character design in my opinion is quite acceptable for me personally, unlike the Robots in Disguise series which in my opinion is too childish.

Until now there are three seasons, with a variety of focal stories such as BumbleBee’s journey to restore his memory or Autobot’s confrontation with Megatron in the style of his first cartoon series.

3. Nickelodeon Language

Actually the Nickelodeon Global canal can also be accessed in Indonesia. Both that and Nickelodeon Language actually only display footage from the series, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But there is one advantage to Nick’s local channel, the SpongeBob Livestream, suitable as an alternative when not watching TV.

4. Gundam

It seems to have been somewhat segmented. Yep, the robot animated series is not for everyone, especially like Gundam, which has a few titles thick with political intrigue. If you like to concern yourself with these things, there are a number of series that can be enjoyed free such as Gundam 00, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Gundam Unicorn. There are also lighter shows like Gundam Build Fighters and Divers, as well as several feature videos about the process of making the Gundam RX-78 statue in Odaiba, Japan.

Oiya just additional information, some of the titles above are very possible to be private to rotate with other series. So, immediately watch your favorite marathon before it “disappears”, don’t be like me who hasn’t finished watching Gundam Zeta but now it’s been hidden by the admin, who knows when it will appear again.

5. TOEI Tokusatsu World

Who doesn’t like 80 percent of childhood memories brought back to YouTube? Yep, TOEI seems to seriously accompany our quarantine with 70 TV series (as well as the Kamen Rider Shin movie) that are part of our childhood or maybe our fathers and grandparents, given titles such as National Kid, black and white tokusatsu in 1960!

That hope vanished after one week because no more than 10 titles were updated every week, such as Winspector, Combattler V, including National Kid. It’s still better if given subtitles, this doesn’t exist at all! If it is intended for Japan, it’s ok, but the appendages already have World, which is unfortunate.