Movies with action and fantasy genres are generally popular with viewers. The excitement and tension in it spark everyone’s interest to watch. Playing with logic and imagination combined with various ways of presenting the film. Coupled with unexpected scenes such as someone holding an antagonistic role in the eyes of the audience but becoming a hero at the end of the story. There is also the opposite. Likewise in this film directed by Andrew Adamson. The film, which was popular at the time, as well as shooting locations in various countries, made this film even more interesting.

Prince Caspian, who is the main player in the second series in the Narnia film, is depicted with a character that is brave, manly and has a spirit of leadership. He inherited the name Caspian the 10th as the successor to his father, Caspian the 9th, to become king of the Telmarines. The antagonist’s role is that his uncle, Miraz, tries to thwart this fact by planning to kill Caspian. It was certain that his newborn son would be the next successor. Players who have had roles in the previous series play again as Caspian’s helpers over his problems. Peter the great and wise king, Edmund the just second king, the gentle queen Susan and Lucy the brave queen.

Many ideas are poured into the writer’s brain when making fantasy films. As if transcending time and space, Narnia is unique in this regard. Unlike the first series that entered the world of Narnia through an old cupboard, in this series Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy were annoyed by something that touched them, but none of them intended to be ignorant at that time. The damage to the train station they came to was getting worse and only they could feel it. In contrast to similar films that use space and time in the film, usually the time they spend in another world will be the same as the time in the real world, so the people closest to them often think they disappeared and so on. The context taken in the Narnia film is very interesting, thousands of years in Narnia, but only an hour apart in the real world or only a few minutes. This can make the player feel like a dream but it is a reality that must be accepted. It also teaches them how hard it is to accept harsh realities and life and heavy responsibilities as the belief of many people.

Caspian, who is in the spotlight this time, intends to seize the throne that his uncle had stolen. He was seduced by a white magician who had long been gone but was resurrected by his followers and a Narnians the original Narnians who betrayed him and his followers when the white magician was still alive. As in the Harry Potter films, Voldemort wants Harry’s blood to rise again and orders his followers to force his blood until the second Voldemort wants to be resurrected, Harry is still in rebellion. In contrast to Narnia, his followers formed a circle where Caspian was standing then slashed his palm to give it to the magician as if bewitched Caspian slowly approached him about to give blood. Magic is known to require strange objects or spells but in Narnia, it becomes something invisible and only as if attracted by someone’s charisma.

The majesty and great courage possessed by Peter have been seen in this series. If in the first series he was still learning how to lead and fight, now he shows his prowess by challenging the Telmarine king to a duel with the intention of buying time. The ideas he has are very useful when things are critical. The huge number of Telmarines was about to level out a Narnian army that was incomparable in number to them. With great responsibility for the fate of his people, Peter tries to cripple Miraz. As if a lion was starving, he was eager to kill Caspian’s uncle. His responsiveness and quick reflexes make Peter not easy to beat. Therefore, his figure is so favored and respected by the Narnians. “For Aslan. For Narnia ”, were the words he often uttered when he wanted to fight.

In Narnia, Aslan who is the savior of Narnia always appears at the end of the story. Certain reasons made him not help Narnia when he was attacked by the Telmarines. His mysterious figure makes the four kings and queens Peter, Edmund, Susan, Lucy curious and think a little negatively about him. “The same thing will not be repeated twice”, he said when Lucy found him in the middle of the forest. Not because they don’t care about the state of Narnia, but a sense of belief that all the Narnians can solve their own problems without it. For some reason also that finally made Aslan use his strength again to help them. As if Narnia would not live without Aslan. Narnia is not brave enough without it. Something like this certainly cannot be made a perpetual decision. Narnia was too dependent and afraid. The king used to be irreplaceable.


In this second Narnia film, there are many lessons and messages contained in it. The advantages of the film that will make the audience’s imagination move as well as the disadvantages that only exist in a few scenes. A lesson for everyone not to be easily influenced and deceived by someone just because of his beauty or strength. The advantages that make this film stand out are the making of film effects and shooting accordingly. Unfortunately, there is only one flaw, the first time Peter met Agen King 4D Caspian, Peter already knew and even called his name, while the Narnians who were with him at that time did not tell him about Caspian. He did little to say about Queen Susan’s trumpet.

In contrast to the human role, Aslan the lion’s voice is filled by Liam Neeson. With a dashing voice and frightening roar, an Irish actor was chosen to be the voice of Aslan. His voice suited Aslan’s character, wise and compassionate, yet mysterious. Aslan is also the strength of each of the Narnia film series and the 7 book series. It has become a familiar symbol and characteristic of Narnia. His figure is the most awaited and awaited. It wouldn’t be Narnia if there wasn’t Aslan’s appearance.

From the whole story, it can be concluded that courage is the key to everything. No need to depend and wait for orders from others. One must also fight for the life and lives of others without hesitation. And as a person who is being fought for, of course, trust is the handle A high throne makes people arrogant and greedy, but in reality, no one knows that other people can be better than people who get higher titles. The throne does not promise that something will be better but how can we make this throne an honor and become a big responsibility to lead someone who is under us.