Mekado Murphy, writing at the New York Times‘ Arts Beat blog, has a short piece on the tribute to John Hughes’ seminal 1980s teen movie The Breakfast Club in Focus Features’ forthcoming It’s Kind of a Funny Story, written and directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden.

In an interview with Fleck and Boden elsewhere on the New York Times‘ website, Boden says:

I think both of us immediately saw in [It’s Kind of a Funny Story] some quality of the John Hughes movies that we grew up with that affected us so much and were so important in our teen years. […] I think we approached it more as the spirit of his films. We didn’t study them for form or content. We have a little Breakfast Club reference in the movie, a little homage, when they’re running around the hospital.

And, just to prove it, you can go to the Times website to compare and contrast clips from the two movies – enjoy!