In yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, reporter Steven Zeitchik wrote “A Funny Story About Two Directors,” a smart, insightful piece on Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, who share writer-director credits on Focus Features’ new comedy It’s Kind of a Funny Story, in theaters everywhere now.

A lot of the focus of Zeitchik’s article is on how in tune Fleck and Boden are with each other, after knowing each other for over a decade and working together on three features, plus a handful of shorts. (“After a take, we typically wouldn’t need to consult each other. We’d just look at each other,” Fleck says in the interview.)

In the extract below, in which both Boden and Fleck share their thoughts on making a teen movie, you can see just how in sync they are with each other:

“I still feel like a teenager sometimes,” Boden says. “I still deal with so much of that vulnerability and self-consciousness that it didn’t feel that hard to do that.” She flows right from that thought, without missing a beat, to remind the waitress that she hadn’t brought Fleck’s order; Fleck, having forgotten he placed the order, thanks Boden and fluidly picks up where she left off.

“And I said let’s go back and make a movie about growing up that reminds us of John Hughes movies — not about the jock interacting with the nerds but about ‘My God, I’m living in a world where there’s two wars going on, my dad might lose his job at any moment and I have to get into a good school,'” Fleck said.

You can read the article in its entirety on their website.