Born in HongKong on June 22, 1962, under the name Chow Sing-Chi, he had to live a bitter life as a child. Quoted from the page, raised by his mother and grandmother through a foster program from the government after his parents divorced. His hobby is watching action movies as a child, one day leading him to become a big actor who had become his ideal.

Striving hard to tackle success in the cinema scene

Because he dreamed of becoming an action actor like his idol, Chow then pursued the wing Chun martial arts which is a branch of Chinese martial arts. Unfortunately, he never won a master’s degree when working on it. His first career began as a temporary actor in the early 1980s at TVB, at which time he graduated from acting class in 1982. the film Final Justice (1988) was a good start for Chow’s career in the film industry. At that time, pocketed the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Moving on in 1990, he was once again nominated for Hong Kong’s best actor in 1990 for the films “All for the Winner” and “Fight Back to School” in 1991. In a row, Chow won many Golden Horse Award nominations for best actor for the film “Justice, My Foot!” (1992), the best actor in the Hong Kong film Awaess for the film “Beijing with Love” (1994), and an “A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella” (1995).

Had accused the mafia and hijacked his films

His successful career as an actor made Chow interested in developing his talent behind the scenes as a director. He also successfully spawned his work entitled Shaolin Soccer which was released in Hong Kong in 2001 ago. Unfortunately, from this film, hard trials began to afflict him. Although the film Shaolin Soccer successfully penetrated Hollywood, the Miramax Studio broke the contract with him because of piracy.

Not just a matter of piracy, Chow was even barred from living in Canada because of allegations related to The Triad, a Hong Kong mafia gang. In fact, he wanted to go there so he could develop his career and produce quality films. Not breaking with the trials, then decided to make a film called Kungfu Hustle (2004), by cooperating with Sony Picture Classic to work together.

Success in producing quality films that make it rich

Unexpectedly, the Kung Fu Hustle film that tells the story of a young man who wanted to become a gangster turned out to be a huge success. With a budget of US $ 20 million (Rp. 278 billion), the film pocketed revenues of up to the US $ 102 million (Rp. 1,421 trillion). In fact, Chow himself pocketed revenues of the US $ 15 million (Rp 209,017 billion) in 2005.

Thanks to the film, Chow is now known as a versatile artist. Both as an actor and film director he sometimes plotted himself as the main character. Chow’s success continued with the film CJ7 (2018) which he starred as well as the director, there was also Dragonball Evolution (2009), where Chow was acting as a producer this time. It is not wrong if the Hong Kong press refers to him as “Comedy King” because the story of the film combines martial arts with jokes.

Behind his unique and entertaining films, Stephen Chow’s figure is a unique figure because he is also involved as an actor in his cinema. Not only as a director behind the scenes but also played as the main character. Hilarious behavior coupled with riveting storyline and martial arts action, his films successfully made those who grew up in the 90s and 2000s feel at home in front of the TV.